What if I forgot my Gmail password and recovery email ID?

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What Should I Do When I Forget My Gmail Email Address And Password

Technology is advancing day by day and that is why we need an email application which can  improve your working speed. Gmail has made a difference and compelled everyone to register with it. It gives you more than enough which you need for a better email experience. It will a smart choice to select Gmail but there may be certain threats that might not be ignored easily. To get help for all such situations,there is need to reach support team. For reaching the support team,there is need to dial customer service number.

Why it is beneficial to use Gmail account?

  • It can be easily accessed from number of devices
  • It has been designed with highly secured features
  • Gmail contacts can be synchronised easily
  • There is filter feature to read only important email items
  • User needs to verify their identity while doing login with other IP address
  • Account holders will rarely come by suspension or hacked account problem
  • Account holder can easily transfer their contacts from Gmail to other email accounts
  • Settings can be easily customised
  • People may create more than one account
  • Can be set up over different operating devices
  • Customer service team is always there for your help

There are number of issues that has been fixed by customer support team. Here, individual can see solution  to one.

What should I do when I forgot my Gmail password and recovery email ID?

  1. It is first required to go on “Google Account Recovery page”
  2. There is need to enter your email address and tap “Continue” option
  3. When you prompted to enter your last password that you used, select “I don't know” option
  4. Tap the option of  “Verify your identity” that is under all of the other options.
  5. Account holders will now asked to answer a series of questions that you must answer to the best of your ability.
  6. After you provide enough and accurate information, you will get back to your account
  7. User should now see that whether the problem has been solved or not

There may be some people who will not be satisfied from the solution of the above solve issue, they should connect with support team instantly. For contacting the support team, it is required for the user to dial helpline number. After using it, individual will get the direct chance to talk to live technicians.Remote desktop assistance will be applied for resolving the issue, it helps in the easy detection of the issue. Technical experts will first analyse the complete problem and suggest you with better solutions.

There is even facility of doing live chat from the experts and even one can do email to the expert for getting instant help. To opt for the free options,user may select discussion forums and also take a look on FAQs. It is ensured to all account holders that will never get trouble at any point of time.

Why the user should reach support team of Gmail?

  • Technical team have knowledge of advanced level
  • Users are free to contact support team whenever required
  • Toll free number can be dialled anytime if require for help
  • The experts are authorised and always have answers to your queries
  • Remote desktop assistance will be used for the detection of the issue
  • Suspended account related problem will get fix quickly
  • User will get better tips to manage their account
  • Live chat and email service can also be used a better option to avail help

Posting Date - 25Jan,18


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