How to Upload your Photos to Google Photos from PC?

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Methods To Upload Photos to Google Photos From PC/Laptop/Computer

We all are aware about the kind of services provided by the Google. Google is one of the leading and top most application providing companies in the world.  It has built a wide variety of products for serving different kinds of customer needs such as the  Google online storage places, as well as emailing and video sharing platform  which has helped us to explore different types of the application. One such Google application which is widely popular is Google Photos.  

Google Photos is one of the most and widely used  application on the Google. It allow us to store their photos to online platform as well as share the application.  Millions of people from different parts of the world  allow user to post the videos and photos on the sites.  The best part about the Google photos is that it allow users to carefree protect their photo without any issue getting lost or harm. But sometimes user does face issue while working on the google photos, One of the problem user face is regarding how to upload photos from the PC’s. 

  • First of all, User needs to go to the google photos and download the Desktop uploader.
  • Further Install the app and log into your google account.
  • Then you are prompted into choose your backup sources.
  • Click on the Add folder button and to add more folders.
  • Then select an external storage location like a camera, memory card and hard drive.
  • User can also choose the alternative medium in order to upload the photos and one of the medium is Google Photos.
  • Open your computer and then go to the Google photos website.
  • Then further sign into your google account.
  • Further at the top write down at the menu.
  • Now select settings and further click on Backup and synchronization.
  • Tap on the back up and synchronization and click on or off.
  • Your photos are backup on the google photo. 

In case, have you ever face problem regarding uploading of the Google photos or any type of issue related to the Google photos, then user can take the help from “Google Photos Help Forum”.

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