Tips on How to Upload Your Photos to Google Photos From iPhone

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How to upload photos to google photos from iphone?

Many iPhone users are worried about the storage of their photos. Deleting old and memorable picture is quite hard and to store the same in the iCloud, users have to go for the paid subscription plan of iCloud. Now, time to release the stress,upload photos to Google photos from iPhone. Google offers the effective mean to store the picture. The process is simpler and any user can access the same.

Download the Google Photos App

  • Google Photos app is available for the iOS. The users can get the app from the Store. Navigate to the app in the Store and then click on the download button to start the process.
  • After downloading the app, install the same on your iPhone.
  • Thereafter, launch the Google Photos app and as you are first time users; you need to provide the Google credentials.
  • However, if you have more than one Google Account, then choose the one carefully.

Now it’s time to Backup the Photos

After signing-in to the Google Account, you will get the option; Backup and Sync. To synchronize all the photos, you just need to toggle the radio button of the same in Enable mode and after performing the task, tap Continue.

Thereafter, you will have to confirm the size of the upload photos.  Select as per your requirement and then tap Continue.

Process Begins to Upload Your Photos

The Backup & Sync process consumes the data, so it is recommended to select the Wi-Fi instead of cellular data. The process will take some time and after completing the same tap on Finish.

Hence, you are all done. Now launch the Google Photos app again and here, you will find all your Photos and they have been synchronized. However, if you want to remove the photos from the other drive (previously stored), then you can remove the same as all the Photos in the Google Photos are safe and secure.

Manage the Photos

Compiling the Photos in the correct order will enable you to get the photos in an easy way. So, arrange the photo in a proper manner and for the same, Google Photos has provided few folders where you can drag your photos.

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