Tips To Get Access Your Gmail Account Without Phone Number or Mobile Number

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Get the process to unlock gmail account without phone number with the use of the mentioned process

There are times when the user's gmail accounts gets locked and they are unable to sign in. This account lock issues mainly occurs because of several problems such as receiving of spam messages, browser issues, network issues, internet issues and many more.

So, if the user experience that their gmail account is locked and they are not able to send and receive emails then for this they can follow the unlocking steps to get back their account. The users can easily follow the process to unlock gmail account without phone number and can undertake it whenever they want to.

How to Unlock Gmail Account Without Phone Number:

  • For unlocking the gmail account, the user first of all needs to open any web browser on their device on which they are working.
  • Now, from the web browser the user needs to go to the gmail account webpage.
  • On that page the user will see an option of help menu. They need to click on that and should go further to the next step.
  • The user then will see three option on the screen among which they need to select the most relevant one. The three options namely are :

          - I don’t know my password.

          - I don’t know my username

          - I’m having other problems signing in.

  • Here the question is to unlock the gmail account and for this the user need to select on the option namely I’m having other problems signing in.
  • In the required space, the user is supposed to enter their gmail address for which they are processing these steps.
  • After the gmail address is entered, select on continue.
  • The user will also see a captcha on the screen that they need to mention in the required space correctly.
  • Further the user need to go through the given onscreen instructions and should process the steps to get back their gmail account.  


Therefore, by following the above listed steps the user will be able to unlock gmail account without mobile number. These steps will totally help the user to get back their locked gmail account so that they can get back the full access of their account.

Besides, for more assistance on these steps the user can get connected with the concerned representatives and can seek the help from them at any hour of the day.

Posting Date - 25Feb,18


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