How to Recover Gmail Password From Android Phone?

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How to Recover Gmail Password From Android Phone

Your Google Account is your Gmail account which is required to access, authenticate and authorize to almost all the wide range of Google products and services which include Gmail, Google+, Google Hangouts and Blogger. A few of the products of Google do not necessarily need a Google account, but you can authenticate yourself on these services using your Google account such as Google Search, YouTube, Google Books, Google Finance and Google Maps. However, on YouTube you require your Google Account to upload videos to YouTube.

Your Google account comprises of an email id and an associated password a combination of which is is required to authenticate you on all Google Platforms. After you create a Google Account, you may enable or disable various Google applications. If you have an android based phone as well, you need to have the Google account to authenticate yourself in order to download any app from Google Play store and use other functionalities of your phone.

Earlier YouTube and Blogger used to have different accounts for usage but since May 2011, Google has made it one account one password for all Google apps. Now you do not need to have a separate account for YouTube or Blogger like earlier. You can simply have one account for all Google apps. This is a powerful tool as when you require to change the password, you do not need to update password for each and every Google product separately.

As Google is the service provider that is involved in the development and maintenance of android operating system, so all smartphones that employ android operating system have by default Google apps in them. When you use a smartphone which is has android operating system and you need to change the password in it, you can do so very easily.

The following steps are involved in the process of changing your Google account password from your android based mobile device:

  • Step 1) First of all, go to from the web browser of your android based smartphone. You can also go to the Gmail app that you use on your phone. Your Google account is basically your Gmail account and when you have to change the password for your Google account, you can do so by changing your password for Gmail account.
  • Step 2) In your Gmail, sign in if you are not signed in yet.
  • Step 3) Go to settings and look for the option of Password
  • Step 4) Click on change password and you will be prompted to select the option on how to change password. You have two options here, either you can change password by getting a link on your email or by getting an OTP on your registered phone number. If you have a registered phone number, choose that option.
  • Step 5) An OTP will be sent to your registered phone number which you need to copy and paste on the link to change password.
  • Step 6) Once OTP is typed, you can change your password. Choose a difficult password with a combination of special characters and numbers.

If you have any queries or have any difficulty in changing Google account password from android phone, you can contact Google help center.

Posting Date - 25Jan,18


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