How to Contact Google Play Customer Service

Customer Service For Gmail

Google Play Store Contact Helplines & Customer Service Number

Customer care addresses common problems like update card or debit card, update account information,recover account, refund or suspicious charges by the customer.

If you want to report an issue online, then you can go to the customer service page and can select your issue from the menu given under “ CHOOSE A PRODUCT OR OPTION”, where a number of options like phishing, Adwords, Google sites, blogger, G Suite, groups, google Account, privacy concern etc are given. It also provides community support which uses the popular programming Q&A website like Stack overflow to field technical questions. You can use a collaboratively- edited question and answer site where a number of problems are discussed by the team experts.   

Google Play Store Customer Service facilitates their customer to contact the service center by providing following means:

  • Google Play email support
  • Google Play help desk
  • Google Play live chat
  • Google Play on twitter
  • General customer information
  • Google Play on FB/ messenger

Google Play Customer Service Phone Number

You can report a safety or abuse issue affecting a Google product on the Google Play Store customer support number, provided in the customer service panel. If you are a G- suite administrator, then you can contact with your personal gmail account by signing in to your G Suite account. You can chat with the assistant in different language. You can also follow the prompts which is guided by calling a customer support number. When you will dial a customer support number then an automated message will speak a list of menu options with their corresponding numbers. Enter the number your phone’s keypad that corresponds to the menu option which best describes your issue. After pressing the key, your problem will be reported to the customer care service centre and a solution for it is delivered shortly.

If your problem is still not fixed then you can contact the support team directly . to speak on the phone, you can follow the instructions given below:

  1. Select the CONTACT US option given in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Choose the issue for which you need help.
  3. Select a contact option from the given list.
  4. In this way will be able to contact the support team easily and your bug will be fixed.

You can also request a call back to the Google Play Customer Support Team, but not all products support phone support. So which product you have is an issue which will determine whether you can request a call back or not. You can select the product and and ask whether is supports the callback or not.

Google Play Customer service helps you to recover different sets of problems by the help of their technical assistants over the phone. You just only need to ring on the customer support number. Technical experts are always ready to give you their best support to resolve your issue. If you does not belong to a technical background then you need to be worry by your technical bugs, the team of technical engineers are always awfully competent to avail to the essential technical assist you anywhere and anytime

Type of Help Provided by Google Play Support Number

Google Play help corner provides help to customers to the best of their approach. You can access help from the Google Play anytime and anywhere. If you find any difficulty while using Google Play, Google customer service provides instant solution to fix your issue. Types of help provided by the google Play are:

  • Using Google Play
  • Purchasing and downloading Managing devices
  • Account and password help
  • Refunds and returns
  • Troubleshoot issue resolving
  • Help by product type
  • Help during in- app purchase
  • System requirement help

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