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Google Apps comprises various apps of Google which can be accessed using the Google account. The apps that come under the google apps are mail, calendar, maps, drive, youtube, gmail, google+. With the Google apps one can do many tasks, can search about the places using maps, can save the documents online using Google drive, can download multiple apps using play store, a user can also set the events in the calendar.

Following are the characteristics of Google apps:

Google maps : Google map is one of the apps of Google that makes the user life better and safer by providing the destination rout and even shows the jam and alternative routes to reach the destination. A customer has to have the google account and can log into the map with the google account and can find the route to the destination. Google map provides real time support by identifying the location of your device and as the device moves with you, a dot representing your device on the google also moves.

Google calendar: With google calendar, you can set the events, can set the alarm for birthdays.You can also schedule meetings with groups using “Find a time” or “Suggested Times”.

The above given features are just a glance at Google apps, if you want to use a feature of Google apps and need an immediate help, you can contact Google Apps Customer Service. The customer care executives are proficient and expert with the google apps feature and provide instant support to the customers. If you have any query, then, you can contact the customer service.

Google apps is an amazing place where you get multiple apps which make your daily routine and work easier but sometimes there could be technical glitches and you can get the issues which may be minor or major. Some of the issues which are faced in google apps are being stated here:

Google calendar issues:

  • It may pose problems while setting the events.
  • It may pose the problem while setting the alarms.
  • Issues with group invites, it may display invalid address.
  • Issues with Google hangouts like google hangout is not opening up, google hangout is flashes out or google hangout or google hangout hangs while you try to connect with the your google buddy.
  • There is problem while uploading the youtube video, and downloading it from the youtube channel.
  • You need to know how to configure gmail to your android smartphone.
  • Error while sending and receiving the mails.
  • Gmail is not properly being configured to the account.
  • Gmail does not open up even when there is excellent network connection.
  • Gmail gives proxy error.
  • There is constantly error in loading the inbox.
  • Someone has hacked into your account and changed your password.
  • You are unable to load any document on Google drive.
  • There is a problem in downloading the document from Google.

For all above issues and issues which are more than the above mentioned, you can contact the Google Apps Customer Service. The customer service associates of Google are skilled, certified and experienced and provide apt solution to customer query. The customer care executives of google apps are fast, responsive and provide excellent solution to the customer needs. The customer service executives of google apps are available all the time and strive to provide best solution to customer needs. The customer care executives strive to provide best solution to the customers.

Google has paid attention to the customer needs and has provided another number so that customer don’t have to wait for the call to connect. The Google Apps Customer Support team is specialized and has several years of experience.

Following are the ways through which you can contact the Google apps customer support:

  • Chat : This is an online feature which is available on website. A customer can contact the customer support regarding the issues with the customer support using the online chat feature. With the Chat service, a customer can contact the experts in solving the troubles of customers and can get the instant solution. The customer care associates are well trained and have expertise in solving the issues of customers and provide immediate and apt solution.
  • Email: If the issue is descriptive and you need a comprehensive solution, you can email the issue to the Google Apps Customer Support team and get the instant descriptive solution. The customer care executive of Google provide the solution within stipulated time. You can mail in anytime, that is, Google email support is available for twenty four hours. All you need to do is log into the admin account and write a mail to Google Apps Customer Support and the customer care executives will revert you to provide instant support.
  • Using Phone: This is one of the convenient way to contact the customer service executives. All you need to do is reach out your cell and contact the customer support executives and one of the customer care executives reverts to your queries and provides the aapt solution to the query.  

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